You Might Have Seen Us, But Have You Seen What We Actually Offer?

You Might Have Seen Us, But Have You Seen What We Actually Offer?

Here at Mr Tshirty we aren’t just a generic tshirt selling company with a cool logo, you’ve probably seen us on facebook and our other social media But what is it that we do…?

Yes. We do sell Generic T-shirts with designs suiting for all ocasions like fathers day, mothers day, christmas ETC in our shop

But did you know that you can design your own tshirt from scratch using our award winning product designing technology.

Thats right, we literally have 1000s of cliparts,fonts, shapes and design templates that you can use to make your own t-shirt design, Click here now to try it for yourself and if you need any help, there is also a guide on how to use it to give you help and pointers!

This brings us around to our first competition. This one is simple, just simply design a T-shirt on our designer, ( you just need to hit the ‘share button’ in the top left to generate a link then post the design link on the comments of the social media post and thats all you need to do.

Our Head Print Technical Ian will we our judge ( hes a liverpool fan and likes buscuits if that helps )

The big winner will get a free copy of their own design! Winner to be announced Friday 12th June


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