Creating a unique T Shirt from scratch is fun – and just a little bit addictive.

It’s really easy to do using our award-winning design editor. 

Here’s a helpful guide to get you started, but remember: There Are No Rules.

Choosing your T Shirt type

Choose which type of T Shirt you want to customise: Standard, Premium Fashion or Premium Organic.

All our T Shirts are made of ringspun cotton making them soft on the skin and really tough wearing – ready for anything.

Which colour T Shirt?

Choose your base T Shirt colour. 


choose your base colour of t shirt

Choosing your size...

Choose the size of T Shirt you want.

From X-Small to XXX-Large.  


Using a template...

It might be you want to choose from a pre-existing template.

You can always adjust the design and add other elements if you need to.

choose a t shirt design from a template

Using clipart...

We’ve got hundreds of clipart designs to choose from.

Why not use one as a starting point, alter it and make it your own design?

choose from clip art

Adding your photo...

Here’s where you can add your own image or photo.

Drag a file over or upload it from your hard drive.

upload your own image

Adding your message...

Choose from a number of fonts. 

And add your text – what’s your message? Then play around with the size and colour.

choose your fonts and add text

Adding a shape...

Another option is to add one of pre-designed shapes.

Once you’ve chosen one you can then make it your own – or leave it as it is.

add a shape and edit it

Going freestyle...

Why not create a truly original design by freehand drawing directly onto your T Shirt.

Use a touchscreen, mouse or digital pen.

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at our services page for some ideas.

Or is it time to start?